Top 5 Places to Visit in France

Fans of France are always enthusiastically talking about the beauty of this tourist destination and one of the most visited countries in the world. If you are visiting France, here are our top recommendations.


Talking about the best places Frances and leaving out Versailles is not just handsome. Although a part of Paris itself, this is not just a part of the suburb. The richness and mark a place administrative are two of the main attractions. Besides, you get to see the world-famous Palace of Versailles, which is great and fascinating.The palace has been preserved as a home to the French king and his queen and is covered by beautiful gardens and landscapes around. It will not take more than a day from their itinerary to see the royalty of France here in Versailles.


As the name says, Champagne-Ardenne is where the birth of champagne happened. Moreover, it is very famous for its wines and wineries and is visited by a large number of tourists every year. There are routes throughout Champagne, scenic beauty, vineyards, and medieval castles. Art and architecture can also be seen in the next place called Troyes. You still have a lot of impressive cathedrals in the region.


This is a place of France, which is exactly located on the border of the country that shares with Germany. The city is a heritage that reflects all the art and culture as well as the history of the place.There are several Gothic cathedrals and a variety of flowers along with comfortable and half-timbered houses. It’s a perfect view of the field.

The Gorges du Verdon

The Grand Canyon of France, which is known throughout Europe, offers the tourist a mind-blowing and breathtaking view along with a very deep cliff. The green and turquoise waters are yet another attractive feature of the place. Some other activities you can upload here is kayaking, climbing, hiking or something as simple as a unit of time to check the scenic beauty.


The love capital of the world, Paris is a place in the country that is visited not means that you have not visited France at all. In simple words, Paris is a must-see destination that has countless things to offer you. The romantic and serene anywhere is ideal, especially if you are traveling with your partner. There are awesome restaurants you can copy Christmas eve buffet ideas from.